About Amcec

Healthy Living, For Everyone.

AMCEC is a Platform For All; it is designed to create impact in the life of individuals wo are curious on how to transform their health

What We Do

Amcec is a leading and trusted Diabetes and Cardiovascular counseling agency known for excellent service and expert support.

Expert Health Support

We provide a unique opportunity for persons with chronic diseases to receive individualized attention. Helping them understand the medical treatment they receive and how best to use the medication prescribed by their doctor to manage their condition.

Diabetes Counseling

AMCEC gives you the opportunity for Diabetes Self-Management Consultations (DSMC) & Diabetes Prevention Programs (DPP) tailored to your unique needs. AMCEC supports you all through the journey with diabetes, including diet and exercise plans

Heart Disease Counseling

With our Counselling and Support Program, you are well-equipped on your journey with heart disease. You will feel confident about self-managing your illness, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and stroke. You will get virtual counselling sessions tailored to your needs and schedule.

Meet Our CEO

Desmond Croker RN, Dip. OHS, BSN MSN CCDE (CEO)

Desmond Croker is a Registered Nurse and Caribbean Certified Diabetes Educator (CCDE) He also holds a Master's degree in Advanced nursing from the University of the West Indies focusing on Education. He hails from the beautiful country Guyana (Land of many waters) and is the founder and CEO of Annie's Memorial Chronic Disease Education Centre (AMCEC) and has worked with persons around the Caribbean including Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana, and the Turks and Caicos Islands to help them to better understand self-management of diabetes and hypertension.


Disease Prevention

AMCEC is your best choice for preventing non-communicable diseases and living a healthy lifestyle


AMCEC helps you resolve challenges related to managing any chronic disease you may be grappling with

Healthier Lifestyle

AMCEC guides you on your journey into a healthier lifestyle with advice from leading health experts

Self Management

AMCEC empowers you to take full control in the management process of chronic diseases

Diabetes and Cardiovascular Counselling and Support Program

Through our renowned Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support Program (DSMES), AMCEC gives you the opportunity for Diabetes Self-Management Consultations (DSMC) & Diabetes Prevention Programs (DPP) tailored for just your need. We also offer free and paid courses based on the wealth of experience from our expert consultants.

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